Registered Agents

ASIC Agent

ENKE are registered agents with (ASIC) Australian Securities and Investments Commission and can assist with ensuring you are aware of the needs and requirements of ASIC.

ENKE can offer at either your office or ours, access to your company portal ensuring up-to-date information through providing online access to ASIC. Online access has transformed the updating of information and the lodgement of forms to what is now become effortless, freeing up yourself to “focus on the business”.

Tax Agent

ENKE is a registered tax agent and as of the legislative changes made to the Tax Agents Services Act 2009 effective as of March 1st 2010 the changes to legislation now “prevents bookkeepers” from preparing and lodging BAS (Business Activity Statements) on the behalf of their clients.

With ENKE as your registered Tax Agent, you can rest assured that you are abiding by the current legislation and meeting your GST reporting deadlines.

ENKE’s Tax Agents are a crucial tool in ensuring compliance with the current tax legislation and GST reporting whilst equipping the owners with a “financial snap shot”. This provides an opportunity to make any necessary modifications to current direction of the business to maintain financial growth.

With ENKE providing your Tax Agent we take on the responsibility of ensuring your business complies and meet all its reporting obligations and timeframes, avoiding any unwanted penalties and fines associated with BAS (Business Activity Statements) Lodgement.