Business Advisory

The engagement of ENKE to provide business advisory, development & coaching is generally associated with new businesses, re-launches or perhaps a new direction. ENKE are here to assist you with ensuring the direction of your business is as you imagined. By providing an impartial “snap shot” of your current direction, ENKE can provide you with the knowledge to “Take the wheel” and make the necessary adjustments to stay on track.

At ENKE, we are well aware of the cycles that owners, managers and the business will go through. For those times where you feel you need to "take a step back" and assess where you are currently positioned and where you want to go, ENKE provides an external “audit” on the internal operations of a business, both financially and operationally, ensuring that everyone within the team are in fact “accountable to someone” and performing as expected.

ENKE provides small to medium businesses with the opportunity to identify and resolve performance based issues within a business. Through equipping your team with the opportunity to discuss issues or perhaps simply having someone hear their point of view in a confidential and impartial environment, we can invoke a “Refreshing” attitude towards the business.

It's important to be reminded that as the “manager / owner” of a business, one of the most difficult skills you may be required to master is the ability to objectively manage your business. One of the most common mistakes made is in establishing the balance between working in your business versus on your business. Regrettably, ENKE has witnessed some amazingly successful businesses eventually fail, simply because the “manager / owner” was too focused on working in their business, and was unable to foresee “cracks” that, to an outsider, are obvious.

ENKE consultants are removed from the politics and emotions associated with the day to day runnings of your business, and therefore your team are more likely to speak openly and honestly about the business, enabling ENKE to report back having identified areas for development and providing solutions to problems.

Operational Procedures

Office efficiency is often an area where our clients have a potential to “save money”. As a business grows, often the mentality of endless wealth can overwhelm individuals and the attitude of the team can at times relax to a level where efficiency and productivity is affected.

ENKE provides an inexpensive service where we assist your team in identifying areas within the business where efficiency and productivity can be improved. In many cases, improvements to operational procedures have resulted in an infectious drive among employees to achieve more and become more efficient within themselves and their day to day tasks.

Some of the ways we do this is by streamlining processes and procedures through the distribution of responsibilities within the team and empowering individuals with the ownership of projects and tasks.

When effective operational procedures are in place, it is almost certain that these changes will not only improve the team as individuals, but will also improve the "bottom line".