Grooming Women

Taking care of your personal grooming and taking pride in your appearance reflects natural beauty and good health.

Grooming Standards

You’re required to wear soft, simple and fresh make-up when in uniform. Too much make-up will emphasise imperfections and detract from your appearance rather than enhance it.

Skin Care

Natural beauty starts with beautiful, well-maintained skin and hands.


It’s important to remove make-up at the end of a day. Leaving it on clogs pores and prevents your skin from breathing. Neglecting to remove your mascara can result in broken lashes.


A good moisturiser provides a protective shield for your skin against moisture loss, particularly in air-conditioned environments. For optimum skin health, use a gentle exfoliator about once a week to slough away dead skin cell build-up.


If you want to use self-tanning products, professional spray-on tans are recommended.



Foundation will even out your skin tone and conceal small imperfections. When choosing a foundation look for the closest match to your natural skin colour. For a more natural look, apply liquid foundation with a foundation brush where needed, usually the middle part of the face – cheeks, nose, forehead and chin. Using a small, slightly damp sponge will help blend the base more thinly over the skin. Finish with a very light dusting of loose powder to set your foundation and reduce shine. Bronzers can provide a healthy glow to your skin.


A good blush should add subtle glow and gently shape your face. Crème-based blushes work best for drier skins while powder blush works for all skin types. Smile and find the apples of your cheeks, this is where you naturally blush and is the starting point for applying blush.

Eyes, Lips

Create focus on your most expressive features in a subtle manner, using a neutral palette to colour eyes and lips.


To emphasise your eyes, use eyeshadow with a neutral palette. Start by priming with a beige or biscuit tone applied all over the lid. Then choose a medium colour, like a mid-brown, for the lower lid and apply from the lash line to the crease of your eye. Use a darker shade of the same colour as liner, applying close to the lashes then gently blend. Generally it’s better to have lighter colours on the eyelid. Sparkly, metallic, shimmery eyeshadows, blue and pink eyeshadows and heavy eyeliner are unacceptable.


Maintain a natural palette with colour tones in the warm-based earth shades: beiges, rusts and brown-reds. To keep your lipstick lasting longer, use a lip pencil in the same shade as your lipstick or a shade lighter to avoid ‘ringed’ lips, and apply it over your lips before your lipstick.

Nail Polish

Chipped nail polish is unattractive, so if you don’t have the time to regularly re-do your nails, wear a natural, pink toned shade. Choose natural tones such as French polish, nude, flesh or light pink tones which complement the uniform. Red Nail Polish may be worn. Nails should not be chipped, have nail art, be very dark or brightly coloured with colours such as red, fuchsia pink, green, purple or silver.


Use perfume sparingly to smell clean and fresh. Choose the lighter floral or fresh fragrances. Avoid overpowering musk perfumes, for example Opium and Poison.


Use a good quality shampoo and conditioner. Cheaper products contain higher levels of silicon and, while they may make your hair shiny to begin with, the build-up on your hair will eventually lead to breakage.


Avoid unnatural colours and choose shades that enhance your own natural colour. If you’re not naturally blonde, make sure you maintain your re-growth.

The following hair colour should be avoided:

  1. Wild colour containing obvious stripes, or exaggerated highlights
  2. Severe bleaching
  3. Obvious re-growth


Ensure hair that touches the top of your jacket collar and longer is tied back, or up, using recommended hair accessories. If it falls forward onto your face when you lean over, tie it back with plain bobby pins. If hair is short, keep layering to a minimum in a conservative neat style.


Eyewear is to be consistent with the tone of the uniform. Frames are to be business-like, moderately sized and conservative in design and colour. Contact lenses are to be either clear, or of a natural eye colour.


Wear a bra or camisole at all times, plain in design. Brightly coloured prints, obvious lace-patterned undergarments are unacceptable.