What is live chat?

Live Chat is similar to Facebook Messenger, it is available on either your mobile device or computer. All you will need to do is head to our website and select the live chat option. LIVE CHAT. a pop up window will appear and this is where the consultation will be conducted.

One you have opened the chat window, complete the “introduce yourself” section by entering your name and email address and then simply chat by typing into the message box.

Do I need to use Video or Audio?

No, Unlike Skype there are no video or audio options here, this is exclusively a chat environment and therefore can be done anywhere at anytime without the concern of video or audio interaction.

Do I have to stay near my computer whilst in a consultation?

Yes, albeit there are components of the consultation where we will simply be entering the data you have uploaded onto our document portal (Click here for more about document portal) and wont require much interaction, however, we do suggest that for the duration of the consultation you simply have our live chat window open in anticipation for our questions? The consultation will take approx. 30-45 mins