Whats in a Name.

The name ENKE pronounced ” N, K ” was derived from the initials of our principal Nate Kellock. Nate believed that building a brand name had to have a combination of factors, the first being representative of who we are and secondly of what we do. From this ENKE Accounting was born. Nate, commonly referred to as ENKE is determined to continue to develop and strengthen a modern and progressive brand well into the future.

Your Business is OUR Business

Our job as employees of ENKE is to focus on how all the pieces of this analytical puzzle come together, identify patterns and strengthen strengths. Areas for development are always going to be present, to many of the traditional accounting firms focus on the areas for development in a business and although we too deem it important to eradicate weaknesses or areas that are not so productive or strong but we do believe that this is a process that often organically finds its way, if a business focuses on strength and simply does what they do better the ration of these weaknesses will often diminish naturally.

As a management accounting firm our job is to act in the best interest of the business, a birds eye view you could say without the emotional or political interests. Consider this, if the business was enabled to be mismanaged by out of date and or through becoming lost in its direction and fall into insolvency we too are impacted,  from this ideology our mantra was born ” Your Business is OUR Business“.

What career opportunities do i have?

ENKE has been evolving from a small home based business into a thriving and progressive firm that provides opportunities and experience for a constantly evolving team. In life change is the only certainly,  albeit our aim is to create a workplace that provides longevity, career progression and warm and friendly environment, from time to time members of our team move on and we are find ourselves with a need to recruit. We believe and embrace the power of change to development not only our clients but more importantly so our team.

When recruiting there are a couple of fundamentals that we look for in all candidates and the first and most important quality is an eye for details. In accounting there are two main directions we find employees moving in, one is a factual and procedural driven direction and the other is an analytical and progressive perspective, ENKE aims to manage a balance of both these styles to deliver a well rounded product for our clients.

ENKE first and foremost is a team, we all have unique and individual roles to play with varying responsibilities, team work doesn’t derive from responsibility, it derives from accountability, we aim to develop a team environment where we all have our part to play and embrace the accountability in what we do.

Taxation and Compliance 

ENKE recruits Tax Agents who are officially recognized by the tax practitioners board (TPB) and have obtained both practical and theoretical experience and qualifications. Holding a CPA or CA will be considered advantageous although not required.

As a registered tax agent you will operate under the company license however hold a senior position within the firm, you will have strengths not only in taxation and compliance but also leadership. You will have an ability to offer supervisory and control to a team and hold a high level of diligence with all aspects of your daily duties.